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Welcome to Cruises For Families!

Cruises For Families is located in Hinsdale, Illinois. Our specialty lies in servicing and being responsive to our customers. When you call Cruises For Families, we will ask you about previous family vacations, about your favorite family activities, and what you want to get out of your vacation so that we can match you with the RIGHT ship. Ships are similar to hotels, there is a wide range of quality and services to be had, and we want to make sure we match your family with the ship that fits your every need and desire.

In addition to our personalized service, we also offer the best rates on cruises. As a preferred account with family-friendly cruise lines, we are able to offer exceptional values in cruises. And we know that families are often on a budget, so we always seek out the best prices for your family!

Kirsten Chute

Kirsten Chute is experienced in family cruising and knows the many needs to be met when travelling at sea with children! Kirsten has worked in the travel industry for over 20 years and is an experienced cruiser, with over 25 cruises on many different lines. Kirsten grew up in Greenwich, CT and graduated from St. Lawrence University with a BA in French and Art History. Kirsten and her husband Tom relocated to Chicago in 1990 and now live in the Chicago suburb of Hinsdale, IL with their 3 children.

Kirsten's phone is 630-789-4400

Kirsten's direct email is kirsten@cruisesforfamilies.com.

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